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    First and foremost please let me be clear: This website is a personal website and a labour of love designed to help others find out more about adventure play. I would much rather not have to host this site and would love there to be a professional body or group that would represent adventure play in Britain. Sadly those days appear to have gone and we are left with disparate groups and lone workers, each courageously developing and enhancing adventure play.

The origin of this website was my utterly unsuccessful attempt to find out about the details of where adventure play came from. Although I researched this for some years, it was by no means easy and I regularly wished that somewhere on the web there could be a site that had at least the basics about adventure play.

Having worked on an adventure playground since 1989, I fear the loss of all the amazing experience and knowledge amassed by individual playworkers. It's a magical profession, unlike any other, and I hope that we can find a way of recording all the knowledge gained from the early years of adventure play before it is lost.

A very special thanks to Roy Kozlovsky at Princeton University for helping and inspiring me to continue with this endeavour. 

Keep Adventure Play alive!

Best wishes,

Robert Dighton